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Pilates Training and Meditation Coaching
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Mind-Body Training Designed for You

At Navillus Mind and Body we believe that everyone deserves a safe place to explore their goals related to the mind and body: mindful movement, stress relief, physical and mental health.  

Whether you are looking to get stronger, transition through injury, overcome anxiety , or just take time for yourself,….

  • Build strength, flexibility and mobility
  • Improve your mind-body connection
  • Find ease of movement
  • Relieve daily stress
  • Stay committed to your goals through friendly support and encouragement
  • Learn to be present in everyday activities
  • Improve body alignment and posture 
  • Find authenticity in your life through mindful movement and meditation

Your path to wellness is unique, just like you, and at NBM we celebrate each client’s journey to health and wellness.

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The mind and body are powerfully connected; the way you use your body affects your thoughts and emotions, much like your thinking and feelings impact the changes in your body.  At Navillus Mind and Body we use an integrative approach to wellness that includes both mind and body practices. 



Engage both your mind and your body during a private classical Pilates session. Pilates teaches mindful movement from the “inside out” through elements of control, breath, precision, concentration, and centering.

Take private sessions or join our group mat class. Available in-person in our private fully-equipped Pilates studio in Fulshear or Katy TX or virtually anywhere you are. 


Mindfulness Coaching

Meditation brings change and transformation by boosting awareness. By using meditation and mindfulness practices, you can improve your daily life. Clients go from acting on ‘auto pilot” to embracing intention and presence.

Private coaching sessions are available virtually anywhere you are. 

Why Choose NMB Pilates Studio?

Navillus Mind and Body has 2 locations, both fully equipped with professional Pilates apparatus. NMB teaches Classical Pilates and provides Meditation coaching enabling you to have a complete mind-body practice. 

We provide sessions  both in our private studio and virtually to help you stay on track with your goals no matter where you are.

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NMB focuses on providing full-bodied, comprehensive, and personalized services. Whether your goals are related to Pilates and/or meditation, YOU come first. It’s your objectives, aspirations, and desires that drive the sessions at NMB Pilates Studio.


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We will collaborate to develop a personalized plan that is as unique as you are.


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