Meditation Coaching

Mediation and Mindfulness Coaching wherever you are

Meditation Coaching

(30 minutes)

Private Meditation Coaching sessions are 30 min and take place online via Zoom. Each session is focused on your specific goals and how we can reach them using meditation. Together we will develop a personalized action plan and put it into practice. We will consistently review and reset your goals so that you experience growth and see positive change. NMB will support you in session and between sessions through daily homework and recorded guided meditations.

Meditation Coaching Pricing

6 Session$300
12 Sessions$540

What You Need To Know about Meditation Coaching

What is Meditation Coaching?

Meditation coaching is the process of building and maintaining a consistent meditation practice with guidance and support. Sessions are client centered and focused on supporting you and your goals. With an array of benefits ranging from increased mental focus to reducing stress and more, Meditation coaching requires consistent practice to achieve the desired results. As a Mindfulness coach, I am your guide and partner in helping you integrate mindful practices into your daily life. 

How are the classes structured?

Sessions are 30 minutes and held via Zoom. In each session goals are set, meditation is practiced and an action plan developed to continue your practice outside of session. Homework is given and the client is accountable for maintaining a consistent practice outside of session.

What is your coaching style like?

Jolie Sullivan meditation and Mindfulness Coach

As a coach, I like to create a unique partnership with my clients that involves a combination of conversation, mindfulness training and putting plans into action. While the coaching process can be therapeutic, it is not therapy. Coaching is an interactive and direct style of guidance that will help deepen self-learning and self-acceptance. My coaching style does not focus on the past and the “why” but rather looks at what strengths can be tapped into now so that clients can move forward with their lives and accomplish their desired objectives. 

What is Meditation?

Meditation refers to a variety of practices that retrain your attention from one of reactivity to one of acceptance. It’s not about clearing the mind, but about accepting our experience. It is a practice of finding and befriending ourselves. We are building the muscles of mindfulness.

Benefits of Meditation

  •  Enhanced concentration skills
  • Lower anxiety
  • Ability to deal with stress or pressure
  •  Decreased blood pressure and heart rate
  • Can help with chronic pain
  • Mental alertness
  • Enhanced general state of health or well being
  • Increased mental and emotional balance