Pilates in Fulshear TX

Classical Pilates Studio offering private and duo instruction

NMB Pilates Fulshear Location

Navillus Mind and Body has 2 locations to help serve your scheduling and logistical needs: a home-based Pilates studio in Fulshear and a commercial space Pilates studio in Katy!

Private home-based Pilates studio in Fulshear, Texas is fully equipped with Gratz Pilates equipment. In addition to personalized physical modalities, NMB Pilates Studio offers meditation coaching to help our students overcome both physical and mental challenges as well as find strength, balance, and flexibility. The studio provides a variety of session formats designed to fit your lifestyle and your wellness goals.

What Clients Have to Say …

Jolie has a great presence and pacing for guided meditations. She’s great at listening and creating a plan that works for each individual. She really wants the best for her clients! She gave me constructive feedback and celebrated even my small victories and accomplishments. Over our sessions I built my confidence in my meditation practice. I noticed how day by day other parts of my life became easier and less complicated. And I had more energy! Taking the time to really learn, practice and integrate meditation into my life has given me awareness of myself and confidence in other areas of my life.

A.L., Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching client

Jolie and Pilates have changed my life. Her knowledge and teaching style are priceless.

Pam B., former Pilates and Yoga client

Jolie is an excellent Pilates instructor with 100% focus on you as a client. She helped me recover from a shoulder injury and overall I feel stronger!

Ana R., Pilates client

I am a new client to Jolie’s coaching and I am loving it! I have been lucky enough to study Pilates and yoga with Jolie and thought it was such a natural fit to work with her for coaching. It has helped me focus, prioritize and literally organize my brain in a way that I really couldn’t do on my own being caught in the currents of my repetitive thought patterns without realizing it. All of this is helping me take action on projects that have sat dormant for too long and I am happier and clearer knowing exactly what my goals are for the here and now. Her gentle supportive techniques help me communicate better with myself and awaken areas of my brain that often help me realize answers on my own. It’s definitely been one of the most useful things I’ve tried that actually works in a long time. Highly recommended!

K.F, Wellness Coaching, Pilates and Yoga client

Jolie is an outstanding Pilates teacher.  She customizes  her Pilates classes to fit each individual’s needs.  She does an excellent job of modifying routines to accommodate each person’s strengths and weaknesses.

S.V., Group Mat client